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ChitChat Podcast Episode 6 is live! Teaching Games



Apr 1, 2017

Just making it under the bell ringing the end of March for this month’s podcast! Yaaayyy for waiting til last minute /sigh.

This episode Maggi and Jason talk about teaching games. What we do to prep if we know it’s a new game we plan on teaching, our general take on teaching games for different situations, and how we handle certain situations that arise.

Of course, a ChitChat podcast would not be complete if we also didn’t venture off topic to talk about Pokemon Duel, Primus, Kickstarter, and other random ramblings that pop into our heads.

Kickstarter Links:

Dinosaur Island

Stop Thief

The Grim Forest

King’s Champion

Chit Chat Links:

Jason Hancock’s Twitter

Pathological Nerdcasters Network Website

Marguerite Cottrell’s Twitter

Marguerite Cottrell’s Youtube Channel


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