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Maggi is a lifelong reader, gamer, and lover of THINGS!! She works to produce gaming reviews and news on Youtube. She believes in giving back to the community around her through charitable giving, time, attention, and hard work. She fell into the world of gaming and formed a happy little bubble; full of thought and laughter and creativity– keeping the dark outer world in perspective. When not gaming she’s probably eating something wonderful.

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Nikolas Co


Board games with a sprinkling of math, computing, privacy, etc. Pronouns:

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Stephanie Straw

Stephanie Straw

Warrior of no consequence. Snippets of geek life, engineering, scotch, games (+roleplay, +board, +video, +mini, -mind), & everything in which you’re interested.

Twitter: @InsertStrawHere


Adrienne is an artist and educator living in Chicago. Her favorite board game experiences have nothing to do with the games and everything to do with how much fun she has when hanging out with her friends and family. However, if you want to play a game about farming something unusual like peppers or bamboo in front of her, she would gladly accept the invitation. Besides gaming, Adrienne obsesses over cats, dumplings, Studio Ghibli, and Hamilton.

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Suzanne Icon

Suzanne is an avid board gamer who’s been playing hobby strategy games since 1994. She contributes to The Dice Tower on the Board Game Breakfast and Board Game Blender shows on YouTube. She has a special interest in board game apps, diversity and representation in board games, and pie. She/Her.

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Brian, AKA Sarterus, is a legal, technology, geek and Social Justice Wizard, that lives in Seattle and plays strategy board games, Magic: the Gathering, and Chess. Favorite games include Terra Mystica, Dominate Species and Macao. Brian is also a YouTuber and law professor with a love of remix culture and creating new norms and technology that empower each of us.

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Zen is a gamer, teacher, and traveler living in Kyoto, Japan. He started playing modern boardgames in 2013 after seeing Tabletop and buying his first copy of Alhambra and Ticket to Ride. Ever since then he has developed (and is enjoying) acquisition disorder and though he has very few unplayed games. He also has a Youtube channel where he does overviews and “how to plays” on games from US and Japan that he has acquired.

Youtube: NeatoZen

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Annette, AKA Netters, is an avid boardgamer that loves sharing her gaming experiences through images with the online gaming community. During the weekdays she works in the lovely city of San Francisco as a physicist technician, but at night she transforms into a eurogame-cube-pusher extrordinaire. One of the best things about the hobby are the gamers and the sense of community. Annette has met a vast variety of fun and genuinely nice people since starting this hobby. Her goal is to inspire and contribute her passion with everyone along with one day owning an alpaca farm and cuddling with them everyday (as long as they don’t spit on her).

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