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Today i look at my FAVORITE Stefan Feld game! Luna is a 2-4 player action selection game! players struggle to prioritize and optimize their actions before the turn is ended.

Players who’ve tried La Granja will recognize the temple mechanic that players struggle for territory and control!

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May 24 @Maggibot’s Most Anticipated Plays for June!!

May and June can feel a little slow for big releases. A lot of companies hold back their big titles until the high season between GenCon and Spiel in Essen. That being said, two titles are coming out that I’m most curious about:

Tin Goose CoverTin Goose is a new game from Matt Calkins for 3-5 Players. It’s most anticipated as the engine making up the game is similar to Sekigahara the Unification of Japan. Players will build an airline empire — starting with a dinky single plane and an airmail route.

Players choose from a number of actions allowing them to build more planes, more routes, all with special events mixed into the action to fuss with the players’ engines.

My copy of the game arrived a few days back so I imagine i’ll be scheduling my first play very soon!

Star Trek Frontiers

Star Trek Frontiers is a thematic retelling of Mage Knight from Vlaada Chvatil from 2011. STF will feature a similar game play in the world of Star Trek (with an awesome spoiler of Picard’s stats to whet our appetite!). Andrew Parks signed on to help adapt this new version. Originally it was slated for early 2016; the announcement to change that date to “June” was at once heart-breaking, as well as encouraging that the end product will be more perfect overall.

I played the original Mage Knight in 2011. It was an interesting mix of a thousand games. The deck building was both exciting and well-integrated. I really enjoy when deck-building is used as a mechanic in a larger game, rather than the main focus.

Have y’all ordered them yet? Played them at a con? Impressions?

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Arboretum Review by Nettersplays

Join me as I demonstrate how to play Arboretum. I also discuss several key notes throughout my final thoughts of the game.

Some of the points that I discuss in my final thoughts about the game are things like the artwork, player count & scalability, difficulty, the replay value, the amount of player interaction and more.

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